CHEN Zuotao

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr. Chen is the chairman of Top Resource Conservation & Environment Corp. (TRCE, 300332.SZ), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. He maintains extensive and close relationships throughout environment conservation and financial industry. Mr. Chen invested in a number of leading companies including TRCE (300332.SZ), Giantec, Top Resources New Energy, Xiaomi, China Taxation Agency, Maco, and Shanda Games.

Mr. Chen holds a B.A. in Management from Wuhan University, and an M.B.A from PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University.

Gary LIN

Managing Partner

Mr. Lin has over 15 years of working experience including professional engineer, investment banker, fund manager and senior positions in large corporations. Being an expert in corporate finance and capital market, he has led numerous IPO and M&A transactions for Chinese companies in the domestic and overseas market. Mr. Lin has also extensive industrial experience in the fields of semiconductor and microelectronics, new materials, and environmental protection and new energy resources. With interdisciplinary background in both finance and technology, he has a competitive edge on private equity fund management.

Mr. Lin holds an M.S. in Applied Finance from Nanyang Technological University, and an M.S. in Materials Science from Singapore-MIT Alliance.

Calvin XU


In more than 20 years of his career, Mr. Xu has worked in private companies, government entities, financial institutions and international development agencies. His previous career path has also covered various sectors that include conventional and renewable energies, recycling, environmental protection and improvement, and manufacturing. He has work experience in multiple countries such as China, the US, Australia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Philippines, India, Bahrain, UK, Finland, Norway, Russia and Thailand. Companies invested by Mr. Xu include Sound Global (00967.HK), China Jinjiang Environment (CJE.SP), Ozner Water (02014.HK), Grant Achieve, United Water, Zhengtuo Air, Zhaoheng Hydro, Canvest Environment (01381.HK) and Huaneng New Energy.

Mr. Xu holds an M.B.A. from McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.